Tuesday, 3 December 2013

OPI Animal-istic

Finally December! I've been a bit absent from the blogsphere the last month and from the polish world as well. I just havn't had the time. I'm completely fine now after the car accident a little over a week ago, I've moved and my intrnship is going great! Life is good and it's my favourite  time of the year. The Holidays are coming up. I love Christmas, I'm a complete Chrsitmas fanatic. This of course regards polish aswell! My favurite collections are always the Holiday collections, no matter the brand. I'm going to show you amazing (and less pretty as well) Holiday polishes throughout December. I might throw in a 'normal' polish in the mix but December will be mainly about the Holiday polihes. otherwise I still have to show Holiday polishs until May. So I'll start off today with OPI Animal-istic from 2011's The Muppets Collection.

Animal-istic is a red shimmer. It's very interesting, almost duchrome. Sometimes it has this tomato red hue, toher times it's coral with pink undertones and it's also coral with orange and pink undertones. It's gorgeous! It's the type of polish that doesn't look like it can offer much in th bottl but on the nail. Whoa! The shimmer is iridescent and just stunning. I love the colour shift. 

The formula is good. I have nothing to complain about. A bit thin maybe, but nothing I thought about when applying it. Two coats gave full coverage. I can see some VNL in the pictures but it didn't show in real life. I don't really know why VNL is usually more prominent in photos than in real life. It's just realy weird.
Two coats that dried quickly even without top coat. The finish becomes shiny and smooth.
What you see in the picture are two coats of OPI Animal-istic and one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.


  1. Det här är väldigt vackert!

    Men fy då, har du varit med om en bilolycka!! Ta väl hand om dig hörru du!

    1. Ja, det är riktigt fint.

      Jag är helt återställd efter olyckan nu, skönt!

  2. Himla fint lack! Bilolycka låter ju inte bra alls, tur det verkar gått bra!

    1. Ja, det är det verkligen.

      Ja, jag är helt återställd. Otrolig tur att det gick bra.


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