Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Glam Polish High Priestess

I'm in Malta enjoying  my last week of vacation before I start work. Therefore I won't be able to answer any mail or comments until I get home. This post is, as you might have understood, scheduled.
Today I'm showing you Glam Polish High Priestess. 

High Priestess is a sky blue creme packed with holographic shimmer and blue, prismatic glitters. It's so pretty. I love the blue colour and how the glitters peak through the base. For some, weird, reason I do not love it as a whole though. I'm actually a bit disappointed! I've seen so many gorgeous swatches of this, but the polish didn't really live up to my expectations. It doesn't sparkle as much as as I thought and the colour isn't as intense as I though. It's still a very pretty polish, it's just not what I expected.

The formula, however, is amazing. It goes on smoothly and covers in three coats. The finish becomes shiny but a little rough due to the glitter. Nothing a little top coat can't fix.
What you see in the pictures are three coats of Glam Polish High Priestess and two coats of Pretty Serious Crytal Coat.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Nail Art Sunday: Summer

I can't even remember the last time I joined in on Lelack's Nail Art Sunday. Today's theme is Summer.
I'm actually on a plane right now, on my way to Malta. I'm spending part of my Holiday there and will be back in Sweden in 8 days. It's going to be absolutely wonderful!

This was my Midsummer mani. Midsummer i a huge Holiday in Sweden. It's celebrated everywhere. I grew up in one of the towns that celebrate it the most, maybe it is the town that celebrates Midsummer the most. I think it is. 
The nail art is quite simple. I started off with a white base on all nails. Then I added some studs and free handed some flowers. I usually don't free hand anything since I don't thik I'm very good at it. I do like how these fowers turned out, though. Hopefully, you like it too.

The polishes I've used are Butter LONDON Cottonbuds, A England Camelot, Color by Llarowe It's Shocking, Colors by Llarowe Sparkles are a Girls Best Friend, Colors by Llarowe Orange Crush, Colors by Llarowe Woodstock, Colors by Llarowe My Own Private Paradise and Colors by Llarowe Lucy, I'm Home! 
I topped it all off with one coat of Pretty Serious Crytal Coat. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Colors by Llarowe Gemini Rising

Green Wednesday! It was a long, long time ago since I last participated. I thought it really was time now. Especially since I finally got the higly anticipated Colors by Llarowe Gemini Rising to show you.

Gemini Rising is an emerald green holographic polish. This polish glows! It's a bit brighter than my phtos show, but it was incrdibly difficult to capture the beauty of this polish. It's more muted in my photos than in real life. I'll probably show this again with pitcures in other lightings. For now these will do.
This is a stunning polish. It's actually a bit funny, because I'm a gemini (I'm born in the beginning of June), so I really like the name. 
I know I often say that "This is my new favourite green!" and they always are, but this is my new favourite green. It's even a new favourite polish. I love it so much! It's absolutely glorious!
The pictures are taken in direct sunlight.

The formula is impeccable! It goes on so smoothly as butter and it's totally self leveling. Two coats give full coverage. It dries very quickly and to a super holographicc, shiny finish. TC doesn't dull or affect the holo in any way.
What you see in the pictures are two coat without top coat.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Colors by Llarowe Strawberry Wine and Opals & Lace

The other day I got a lot of new Colors by Llarowe. There were lots and lots of beauties and after a lot of thinking I decided to begin with trying Strawberry Wine. I love jellies but I wanted to do something more. The solution? A jelly sandwich with Strawberry Wine and Opals & Lace.

Strawberry Wine is a hot pink jelly, almost a bit magenta. It's a bit of a more muted neon, but still very bright. I love the colour and the finish. because of its neon properties it does dry to a matte finish. TC is needed to get that supershiny, squishy feel to it. A slight warning though. This bad boy stains. A lot. Llarowe stated this at their website so I used three coats of Essie nourish me as base coat. Well, after removing this my nails were completely pink. Even my fingers were pink and the polish remover couldn't gt rid of it. I had to go around with pink fingers for two day. My nails are still pink, but since they are always polished it doesn't matter.
Opals & Lace is a clear base glitter topper with white hexes and iridescent glitters in different shapes and sizes. It's so gorgeous. it has this light, almost ethereal feel to it that I love.

The  formula of Strawberry Wine is good. It applies easily and doesn't become streaky. It dries fast but to a matte finish.
The formula of Opals & Lace is alright. It's bit tricky to apply. It's quite thick so the brush picks up more of the clear base than the glitters. It dries quickly and to a very shiny finish. The finish does become a bit rough, but nothing one coat of TC can't handle.
What you see in the pictures are three coats of Colors by Llarowe Strawberry Wine, two coats of Colors by Llarowe Opals & Lace and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.

Layering order: one coat of Strawberry Wine, one coat of Opals & Lace, one coat of Strawberry Wine,  one coat of Opals & Lace, another coat of Strawberry Wine and I finished the manicure with one coat of Crystal Coat.

Friday, 13 June 2014


It's been a while since I posted a haul post. Simply because I've been on a no buy for a couple of months and is on a no buy again. I did break it tw times to buy a few birthday gifts to my self. This week all the polishes that I've bought and gotten as gifts came. So let us take a look at them (Warning may contain LOTS of pictures).
As usual, if there's anything you want me to swatch, just write a comment and i'll do it asap.

 Colors by Llarowe Chillin' in Paradise, and Surf My Wave.

 Colors by Llarowe My Own Private Paradise and Anna's Adventure.

 Colors by Llarowe Holiday Road and Gemini Rising.

Colors by Llarowe Nice Melons and Soccer Mom.
 Colors by Llarowe Summer... Finally! and Strawberry Wine. 
 Colors by Llarowe Olivia and Ebony and Emeralds.
 Colors by Llarowe Final Fantasy and Aliens & Outlaws.
 Colors by Llarowe Independence Day and Opals & Lace.
 Smitten Polish Jamaican Sunset and Electric Candy Pop.

  Smitten Polish Himalayan Blue Poppy and Pigmentation of My Imagination.
  Smitten Polish Radiant Orchid and Frangipani

  Smitten Polish Cauldron of Rainbows and Tornado Skies.
 Pretty Serious Aqua Coat, Crystal coat, Crystal Coat, Rock On, Matte All the Things and Cute Cutices Bubblegum.
 Glam Polish High Priestess and Comjuring.
 Glam Polish Tempestarii and Book of Shadows.
 Glam Polish Sandy and Summer Nights.
 Glam Polish Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee and Hopelessly Devoted.

 Emily de Molly Scarlet's Red, Absent Minded and Folklore.
Emily de Molly Remnants Returns and Blue Moon.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

LilypadLacquer Lemony

I'm back on the blogging track! At least for now. I can't promise you anything while I start my new summer job in a few weeks. Until then I'll blog frequently.
Today  I have LilypadLacquer Lemony to show. These pictures have been in my Blogger archive since April so I thought it was time to dust them off and shed some light on them.

Lemony is a pastel yellow creme with a subtle holo. The holographic effect is a bit camera shy, it's much more prominent in real life. As you probably already know I love yellows. They are just a few that go well with my skin tone and I believe this is one of those few. This is fairly easy to wear. It doesn't make my fingers look too yellow-ish, which is very much appreciated.
The pitures are taken in direct sunlight. 

The formula is good. Three coats gave ful coverage. The first coat was very streaky but the second and third coat evened that out.  The finish becomes shiny and the pollish dries fairly fast.
What you see in the pictures are three coats of LilypadLacquer Lemony and one coat of Seche Vite.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Smitten Polish The First Lobster

Hello! I've been busy, busy, busy this week. First of all I wrote my final exam for this semester. An essay that was over 6700 words long. Phew! After that was finished and turned in I decided not to do anything but relax. 
Yesterday was my birthday. Yep, I just turned 21. That meant celebrating all day long. So today I'm showing you my birthday mani, Smitten Polish The First Lobster. 

The First Lobster is a bright red holo, with a hint of orange. It's gorgeous. Sadly, I think it has been discontinued. It was first released this Christmas with the collection Love Actually inspired by one of my favourite films,  Love Actually.I think you can still buy it at
The polish is gorgeous. I love mysef a good red. Especially red holo. Red colud be my favourite colour on holos. It just makes the colour pop even more and adds some sparkle to a very classy shade. 
The pictures are a week old or so (yes, I won this more than once!) but I did wear it yesterday. The pictures are taken in direct sunlight. 

The formula was impeccable. It's smooth like butter and practically applies it self. No mess here at all! two coats gave full coverage. the pollish dries quickly and to a shiny finish.
What you see in the pictures are two coats of Smitten Polish The First Lobster and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.
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