Monday, 16 June 2014

Colors by Llarowe Strawberry Wine and Opals & Lace

The other day I got a lot of new Colors by Llarowe. There were lots and lots of beauties and after a lot of thinking I decided to begin with trying Strawberry Wine. I love jellies but I wanted to do something more. The solution? A jelly sandwich with Strawberry Wine and Opals & Lace.

Strawberry Wine is a hot pink jelly, almost a bit magenta. It's a bit of a more muted neon, but still very bright. I love the colour and the finish. because of its neon properties it does dry to a matte finish. TC is needed to get that supershiny, squishy feel to it. A slight warning though. This bad boy stains. A lot. Llarowe stated this at their website so I used three coats of Essie nourish me as base coat. Well, after removing this my nails were completely pink. Even my fingers were pink and the polish remover couldn't gt rid of it. I had to go around with pink fingers for two day. My nails are still pink, but since they are always polished it doesn't matter.
Opals & Lace is a clear base glitter topper with white hexes and iridescent glitters in different shapes and sizes. It's so gorgeous. it has this light, almost ethereal feel to it that I love.

The  formula of Strawberry Wine is good. It applies easily and doesn't become streaky. It dries fast but to a matte finish.
The formula of Opals & Lace is alright. It's bit tricky to apply. It's quite thick so the brush picks up more of the clear base than the glitters. It dries quickly and to a very shiny finish. The finish does become a bit rough, but nothing one coat of TC can't handle.
What you see in the pictures are three coats of Colors by Llarowe Strawberry Wine, two coats of Colors by Llarowe Opals & Lace and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.

Layering order: one coat of Strawberry Wine, one coat of Opals & Lace, one coat of Strawberry Wine,  one coat of Opals & Lace, another coat of Strawberry Wine and I finished the manicure with one coat of Crystal Coat.


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