Thursday, 1 September 2016

Femme Fatale Birth of Venus Collection: My Picks

Hi there!

Today I have Femme Fatale's latest collection to how you. It's called Birth of Venus. It contains nine different colours. There are holos, shimmers, gitters and even a thermal. All of them weren't my cup of tea, but I bought five of them. Those five are the ones I'll show you today.
This collection is inspired by Botticelli's iconic painting that the collection is named after.

This is a lovely fall collection. The colours are really gorgeous and there's something for everyone in there. The formula of them all were great. I remember when Femme Fatale just had started and the formula of all f the glitters were horrible, thick like glue, and goopy. They've really stepped up their games since then.

All pictures are taken in artificial lighting.

Breath of Zephyros

Breath of Zephyros is a silvery grey holo with prismatic golden glitter and lavender shimmer. This is so pretty. I love how th glitter accentuates the base. This is a polish that's both super glamourous and sort of subtle. I love it.
Two coats and top coat.

Arrival of Venus

Arrival of Venus is a warm, burnt orange holo. This is a perfect fall colour. It reminds me of the leaves changing colours in the autumn. The holo is really strong and gives the polish more depth. 
Two coats and top coat.

Upon Seafoam

Upon Seafoam is a seafoam green with micro silver flakes and pink shimmer. This is so gergoues. It looks really luxurious on the nail. These type of turquoise colours sometimes make my hands look red but the pink shimmer prevents that from happening.
Three coats and top coat.

Isle of Cythera

Isle of Cythera is a grey tinted, forest green holo with golden shimmer. It's dark, vampy and elegant. I think this will be one of my go-to polishes this fall.
Two coats and top coat.

Swept Across the Sea

Swept Across the Sea is a orange to teal thermal with strong green shimmer. The word that came to mind when i wore this is cool. I have nothing in my collection that resembles this. It's unique. This is my favourite from the collection. I like it in both it's warm state, orange, and in it's cool state, teal. The shimmer is very pretty and adds more depth.
Three coats and top coat.

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