Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Too Fancy Lacquer Prototype: Sunshine

Hello! Long time, no write. It's been a while again. Iv'e been busy visiting family and came home yeterday evening. Now it's a new week and soon it's Easter. I'll try to post some easter manicures this week. So why not start right away with Too Fancy Lacquer Prototype: Sunshine.

Prototype: Sunshine is a yellow polish with a linear holographicc effect. I think it's more mustard yellow than bright sunshine yellow. What I really like about the colour is that it's an easy worn yellow. it doesn't make your fingers look like you've been smoking for ages. Like most yellow holos the holographic effect is subtle but still visible.
Prototype: Sunshine is fun and pretty. I really like the colour. It's vibrant and makes me happy. Perfect for Easter if you don't want to go for nail art.
The photos are taken in direct sunlight. I still haven't really figured out how to take photos in sunlight with my camera, but I'm on my way finding what white balance I need and what photo conditions are the best. Bear with me until then. 

The formula was good. Two coats gave full coverage, which is really good since it's a yellow. It dries quickly and shiny. To get a super shiny, glossy look you'll need top coat but it dries shiny enough without. TC does'nt dull the holographic effect.
What you see in the pictures are two coats of Too Fancy Lacquer Prototype: Sunshine and one coat of Seche Vite.


  1. Blev inte helsåld på detta, vet inte riktigt varför, gult och holo brukar ju vara en fantastisk kombo. Kanske är för att den drar lite åt senapshållet, gillar nog mer "rena" gula. Dock fortfarande rätt fint och helt rätt till påsken :)

    1. Ja, senap är klurigt. Jag älskar den här gula, men jag förstår helt kalrt om andra tycker den är lite knepig. :)

  2. Gasp!! Gult och holo! Jösses va snyggt!

  3. Vilken härlig färg, och effekten är ju superfin!


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