Thursday, 17 July 2014

Emily de Molly Scarlet's Red

I'm so sorry for not being able to update! I'm so busy with work that I just haven't had the time.  This is the first time since my last post that I've actually been able to take the time to write a post. I'll try to write another post this week, but I can't promise anything.

Anyway. Today I'v got a real treat for you. Emily de Molly Scarlet's Red.

Scarlet's Red is a pink-ish red jelly with red, hot pink and iridescent glitters in different shapes and sizes. 
This is gorgeous! I've forgotten how much I love Emily de Molly. I haven't worn one in forever. I definitely need to try my untried EdM's. I have a lot of untried glitters. I love EdM's glitters. They are so well put together. Just like this one. There's a lot going on in Scarlet's Red but it's not too much. It's just beautiful. 

The formula is good. It's actually quite thin, especially for being a glitter. There's no need to dab the glitter around to make it spread evenly, which is nice. It looks very translucent on the brush but covers in two thin coats. The finish becomes shiny but very rough because of all the glitter.
A small warning though, this polish stains a bit. I used one coat of the base coat Essie Nourish Me for this mani. I left the mani on for two days and when I removed the polish there was a light orange tint to my nails.
What you see in the pictures are two coats of Emily de Molly Scarlet's Red and two coats of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat. 

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