Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A England Fotheringhay Castle

It's Green Wednesday!
Today I'll show you A England otheringhay Castle from the collection Elizabeth & Mary. 

Fotheringhay Castle is a mossy olive green with a golden shine and a subtle holographic effect. This the type of green that I love. It's murky, mysterious and absolutely gorgeous. And incredibly hard to photograph. My skin tone looks a bit off in the pictures but there was no other way for me to capture the colour.
This is the perfect green for autumn. Right now I'm very into brights, as I usually am during spring, so this is a tad dark for the season.  I'll probably wear this loads of time when the weather get cooler in about five months.

The pictures are taken in direct sunlight.

The formula is amazing. It's thick and creamy and applies like butter. Two thin coats give full coverage, but one could do if it's thicker. This polish will probably work very well for stamping.
It dries to a shiny finish.

What you see in the pictures are two coats of A England Fotheringhay Castle and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.


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