Sunday, 13 December 2015

Colors by Llarowe Santa Baby

 Hello darlings!

I'd like to show you my favourite from CbL's Winter 2015 Collection today. This is Santa Baby. 

Santa Baby is a christmas red holo with red micro glitter. This is Christmas perfection in a bottle. I literally screamed when I opened the parcel and saw this. It's so gorgeous. The red micro glitter adds sparkle and depth and looks like embedded emeralds in the base.
It sometimes flashes slightly pink but thats because of the holo effect that has a pink tone to it. Hands down my favourite from the collection. I'm not surprised though. I love, love, love red holos. The micro glitter just makes it better.
I love the name as well. Santa Baby (especially the one sung by Eartha Kitt) is one of my favourite Christmas songs. It's fun and witty and wonderful.

The photos are taken in artificial lighting. 

The formula is impeccable, it smooth and practically applies itself.  Two coats give full coverage. The finish becomes shiny and smooth, even tough there's glitter. Top coat won't dull the holo.

What you see in the pictures are two coats of Colors by Llarowe Santa Baby and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.


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