Saturday, 12 December 2015

Different Dimension Nose So Bright

Hi darlings!

I've been conflicted about showing you this polish and others from Different Dimension. The reason? Bad experience with their customer service. I didn't get all the polishes I ordered from them once and even though I sent several emails and tried to contact them via Facebook they never responded. So the polish I bought,  and they didn't send, I never got. That makes me pissed and I've never bought from them again.
A bad customer service really is the number one thing that makes me never buy anything from a brand again. Luckily most polish brands have lovely customer services. I can't say that about Different Dimension. Which is sad because I really like the few polishes I have from them. 

Back to the polish. This one is Nose So Bright from last year's holiday collection. 

Nose So bright is a red cruelly with sterling silver flakes. The crelly is transparent enough to let the flakes peek through. It really is a lovely polish and it's perfect for the holidays.

The pictures are taken in artificial lighting. 

The formula is alright. It's quite thick and it's a little difficult to get even on the nails. It covers in two coats though, so it's not a major problem. 
The finish becomes super shiny when dry. 
What you see in the pictures are two coats of Different Dimension Nose So Bright  and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystak Coat. 


  1. Jättesnyggt lack men trist att höra att deras CS är så dålig. Att inte svara alls är verkligen inte acceptabelt. Tack för att du säger till så man kan hålla sig ifrån dem.

  2. Usch för dålig kundservice! Oförlåtligt!


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