Friday, 31 October 2014

Glam Polish Gruesome Movie Duo

Happy Halloween!

Today I have the Glam Polish Gruesome Movie Duo to show you. It's perfect to show you today since it's both Halloween and Holo Firday. This duo was sold exlusively at Mei Mei's Signatures. It was only sold in 60 numbered sets and the duo even made the site crash. I wasn't lucky enough to score this duo when it was sold at Mei Mei's but the lovely bookpolish sold her set to me. The duo consists of Tales from the Darkside and Carrie. Let's start off with Tales from the Darkside.

Tales from the Darkside is a purple holographic polish with purple and fuchsia glass flecks. It's stunning! it's dark enough to fit Halloween but bright enough to be worn anytime. The glass flecks give it a beautiful glow and add lots and lots of depth. They are, of course, most prominent in the shadow.
The fomrula is flawless. It's super smooth and easy to apply. Two coats gave full coverage but you can get away with just one. The finish become shiny and smooth.

Carrie is a blood red holographic polish with crimson and golden glass flecks. It's absolutely gorgeous! This is my favourite of the two. The glass flecks give the polish an amazing glow. It's so vibrant and very vampy. This polish is perfection. This is actually my Halloween mani. I just can't resist a good red. I also happen to love Stephen King's novel Carrie.
The formula on this was, just as with Tales from the Darkside, is flawless. Two coats gave full coverage. I think you could get away with one thicker coat but usually two thin coats give more depth. This polish is top coat hungry though, so two coats is a must.

This set is no longer available but if you're lucky, like I was you, a lovely person might sell it to you. Both of these polishes are gorgeous and they have a precious place in my Helmer. Carrie is my favourite of the two but Tales from the Darkside is one of the prettiest purples I've ever seen. Which one is your favourite or do you love them both equally? If you feel the need to get your hands on another Glam Polish Halloween duo Mei Mei's Signatures still has another duo for sale called Dark Terror. I will post my review of that duo on Sunday.


  1. The both are gorgeous - but Tales from the Darkside is amazing!!!!

  2. I'm so glad I snagged a duo, they are so pretty! When I got them, I couldn't choose which one to wear first, so I wore them both on alternating nails :P


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