Thursday, 30 October 2014

What's In-Die Box October 2014: Holo-ween!

Hi darlings!

Last week I recieved the the What's In-Die Box? for october. This month was an all holo box with the theme Holo-ween.
The What's In-Die Box? is an all indie box ith five surpise polishes from five different indie makers. You have no idea what the polishes look like when you order the box but five inspiration pictures are released, so you'll get a clue about the colour scheme.  Here you can see all the inspiration pictures for October.


This post will be picture heavy, because I'll show you all five polishes today. Since it's halloween and all tomorrow. I'd thought it'd be fitting. The polishes will be shown in no particular order.

Th first polish up is Lilypad Lacquer Skulloween.  Skulloween is a pumpkin orange holographic polish with tiny, tiny black shimmer than can barely be seen but adds depth. It's gorgeous and the colour looks amazing!
The formula was good. Two coats gave full coverage and it dried fast to a shiny finish.

The inspiration picture for Skulleoween. Source

 Moving on! The next polish is Emily de Molly Night Terrors. Night Terrors is a midnight blue holographic polish with bue and purple shimmer. It has a grey-ish sort of blue tone in the shadow and a brighter navy blue in the sun. It' dark, it's beautiful and completely spellbinding. The formula was good. Two coats gave full coverage and the finish becomes shiny.

The inspiration picture for Night Terrors. Source

The next polish is the brightest of the bunch, Peita's Polish Ghost Gutz. Ghost Gutz is a bright, almmost neon, mint green holo. This is the least holographic of the five. The holo effect is scattered but it adds depth and sparkle. It's pretty and I really like the colour.
The formula was good. It's the type of colour that could go on streaky but it doesn't. Two coats gave full coverage and the finish becomes semi-matte.

The inspiration picture for Ghost Gutz. Source

The next polish is Glam Polish Paranormal. Paranormal is a teal holographic polish. The colour wa crazy ard to capture. It leans more blue in my pictures than in real life. This is my favourite of the five polishes. Teal and holo is always a smashing combination. This is gorgeous!
The formula is very good. Two coats gave full coverage and the finish becomes shiny.
The inspiration picture for Paranormal. Source

The llast polish in the box is PrettyPots Polish Bewitchery. Bewitchery is a purple with a strong holographic effect. The colour is beautiful! I love it.
The formula n the other hand left lots to wish for. It was easy to apply but required four coats for full opacity. So I was a bit disappointed in that. The finish becomes very shiny.

The inspiration picture for bewitchery. Source

I really, really liked this month's box. I love that it was an all holo box and that it was a Halloween box! Which one of the five polishes is your favourite?

I think that the What's In-die Box? is the best indie polish box other there. I just love the concept of a new theme every month and the fact that what the polishes will look like is a surprise. This wasn't my last box and it's definitely not my last. November's box has the theme Pokémon, and who could resist that?

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