Thursday, 23 October 2014

United in Pink: Lilypad Lacquer Ruby Slippers

United in Pink. Today I have Lilypad Lacquer Ruby Slippers to show you. I've actually shown this one before. You can find that post here.

Ruby Slippers is a pink with red undertones, almost cherry red, holographic polish. I love the colour! This is one of the earlier Lilypads that changed a lot with differen batches. There are versins that are much more pink and versions that are more red. I love the batch my bbottle came from though. It's a gorgeous polish. The pictures are taken in direct sunlight and the holographic efect is much stronger in real life. This is polish is always holographic, always! Even when it's cloudy outside the holo is still visible.

The formula is good. It's actually a bit sheer. I needed three coats to get it completely opaque on my nails. It dries quickly and the finish becomes shiny. Top coat doesn't dull the holo effect.
What you see in the pictures are three coats of Lilypad Lacquer Ruby Slippers and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.


  1. Din version är snyggare än min, som är mer mörkrosa och med väldigt vek holoeffekt.


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