Sunday, 16 March 2014

Smitten Polish I Want It Now

Hello! I hope you're having a great weekend so far. I'll probably stay at home most of the day. Maybe take a walk in the lovely weather, watch some Dexter, eat good food... Anyway, that's not what we're suppoed to talk about now. Instead I'd like to how you Smitten Polish I Want It Now.

I Want It Now is a green jelly base packed with green, black and prismatic glitter. It's so gorgeous and so difficult to photograph. I've worn it five times and I've never been able yo take a good photo of it. These photos are alright, but not much else. It's super sparkly and makes my camera go crazy. Completely bonkers!
It's definitely one of my favourite Smittens. The emerald glitter in the jelly base are so pretty and I love how sparkly and shiny it is. Unfortnately it' discontinued and I only have one bottle of it (I want at least ten bottles of it because I want to be able to wear this again and again!) so I've layered two coats over a green creme polish.
The picures are taken in daylight and in direct sunshine.

The formula is good. It's easy to apply and the glitter spreads evenly. I layered two coats over a green creme but I think three to four layers can give full coverage. It dries quickly but the finish becomes a bit rough  without top coat, so TC is a must.
What you see in the pictures are two coats of China Glaze Holly-Day, two coats of Smitten Polish I Want It Now and two coats of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.


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