Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lilypad Lacquer Vintage Chic

Hey Guys! My new course is killing me...  I've been so busy the past week and the coming three weeks will be even worse. It's not even funny. Our teachers just pile on things for us to do right now. That, sadly, makes the blog echo with emptiness. I have a few minutes over today to schedule a few posts for this week so at least you will have something to read in the coming days. 
Anyway, today I'd like to show you a new polish from Lilypad Lacquer called Vintage Chic. When I bought it only two bottles had been made but I now it was sold when Nicole re-opened her shop this last weekend.

Vintage Chic is a golden green holo with a pink flash. It's super pretty! The pink flash is mostly visible in indirect sunlight, therefore you won't see it in m y pics snce they're taken in direct sunlight so show off the gorgeous holo. I really love the green colour. It's a perfect green for my pale skin.

The formula was flawless. Two easy applied coats gave full coverage. The polish dries quickly and the finih becomes shiny.
What you see in the pictures are two coats of Lilypad Lacquer Vintage Chic and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.


  1. Känner igen mig i det där, vi har haft samma problem i förra kursen vi hade... man blir tokig! :( Kämpa på! Fint lack i alla fall, helt i min smak!

  2. Fantastiskt vackert lack! Hoppas du får tid att vila upp dig och bara vara i jul åtminstone.

  3. It looks fantastic......Nails looks so shiny.Color is very different.I am impress from your post.Thanks for sharing this information with us.....


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