Monday, 15 August 2016

Glam Polish No Lei-Overs! (LE) Swatches & Review

Hi darlings!

Today I want to show you Glam Polish No Lei-Overs! Collection. It's a gorgeous  six piece collection inspired by the  Hawaiian islands. And yes, it really makes you think of beaches, coconut drinks and palm trees in the sun.

There are four glitters and two holos in this collection. The formulas of all of them are great. The glitters are thick but not too thick and easy to apply. The holos go on so smoothly and levels out perfectly.

I really wish I was at a beach in a tropical paradise. Here in Sweden it seems like fall is already on its way. It's already starting to get colder and darker outside.

All photos are taken in artificial lighting. 

Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai is a turquoise leaning teal base with blue, turquoise, teal and bright green glitter. This is the Ocean in a bottle. It's absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorites in the collection.
Two coats and top coat.

Lanikai Dreaming

Lanikai Dreaming is pale gold holo with lots and lots of matte pink and white glitter. It's fun, flirty and feminine. Since the base is so neutral this is perfect for both work and a friday night out. The base tones it down while still being really glittery and pretty. The only prolem I had with this one is that even after two coats of top coat the finish was slightly textured.

Two coats and top coat.

Hanalei Sunset

Hanalei Sunset is a gorgeous blurple jelly with blue, pink and purple prismatic glitter. It has so much depth. It was super hard to photograph though. This is one of those polishes you really have to see for yourself.

Two coats and top coat

Lei'd in Lahaina

Lei'd in Lahaina is a magenta holo with magenta, pink,  white and even som copper glitter. It sparkles like crazy! Even though there's so much glitter in it one coat of top coat does the trick and makes the finish shiny and smooth.

Two coats and top coat.

Hibiscus Hideaway

Hibiscus Hideaway is an orange toned red holo. In some lightings it leans more orange and in other more red. In some it even leans pinkish red. This is my favourite from the collection. I'm a sucker for vibrant reds and this one is perfection. The holo is strong and adds depth to the aready beautiful colour of the base. And, it doesn't stain (!!!) even though it's so pigmented.

One coat and top coat.

Waikiki Wahine

Waikiki Wahine is a berry pink holo with blue and purple shimmer in it. This is very pretty, but the one I liked the least in the collection. Don't got me wrong, I really like it, it's just that I like the others more.

Two coats and top coat.

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