Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Winter Nail Art Challenge: Christmas Lights or Candles

It's the first day of the Winter Nail Art Challenge hosted by Lacky Corner!

I wanted to do a Chritmas Candles mani but I've never ever in my life done a candle mani. I free handed it and it was so much harder than it looks. I usually don't free hand nail art but I thought it might be fun, and it was.
The mani is not nearly perfect and I'm not super happy with how it turned out. But everything can't look great, right?
The polishes I've used for this are OPI What's You Ponit-settia?, OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Lady in Back, OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Glam Polish Conjuring, Cirque Balsam, Colors by Llarowe Woodstock and Colors by Llarowe Punkin'.


  1. I love your candles, and you are brave to use freehand drawing.

  2. These candles seems quite real to because the shape. Like a candle wax on the edges. =)

  3. This is absolutelly amazing!! Love-love-love it! It's something different and unique and it is something very beautiful!

  4. Tycker dom blev jättefina! Det är svårt som tusan att frihanda.

  5. I love your take and I would have never guessed it was your first attempt at free-handing something! I like the candles, esp. the flames!

  6. Jättefint ju! :D Tycker absolut att du ska vara nöjd :D


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