Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Week: China Glaze Monster's Ball Collection Summary

I've finally shown you the whole China Glaze Monster's Ball Collection and now it's time for the collection summary! 
I really liked the whole collection. I din't find all the polishes very Halloween-like, but they are all pretty. They are all easy to apply. I actually don't have anything to complain about. A nice collection not China Glaze's best Halloween collection (because that one is their collection Awakening) but far better than last years and the year before that. 
I've ranked them according to my favourites. Because even though I like all the polishes two of them did stand out a bit more. There are links to the individual posts under each photo.

How would you rank them? In the same order? Differently than I do? Tell me! 


  1. Jag gillar din favorit bäst, därefter gillar jag nog Bat My Eyes hellre än Boo-gie Down. Superfina swatcher som alltid hos dig!

  2. Jag hade nog satt A bump in the night på andra plats


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