Sunday, 17 July 2016

Cupcake Polish Butterfly Collection: Swatches & Review


Today I'll show you Cupcake Polih Butterfly Collection. It's a collectio containing six linear holographic polishes. It's a gorgeous collection and the holo is really intense. 
The colours are all beautiful and there's something for everyone in the collection.

Formula wise this colection was very consistent. They all have great formulas. The formula isn't too thick or too thin. It' supereasy to apply and there was no clean up needed. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that they were all a bit sheer. All of the colours needed three coats of polish for full coverage. 

Hatch of the Day

Hatch of the Day is a dusty medium pink linear holo. The colour is beautiful but not very unique. The holo effect is super vibrant and intense though, which gives the polish a little edge.
Three coats and top coat.


Metamorphosis is a medium blue, leaning blurple, linear holo. It's such a vibrant, gorgeous, super holographic colour. One of my favourites from the Butterfly Collection.
Three coats and top coat. 


Cocoon is a rusty burnt copper linear holo. This wold be the perfect orange for fall. It's absolutely gorgeous. 
Three coats and top coat.


Transformation is dusty violet linear holo. The colour is really pretty. It's a bit lighter in real life but this shade of purple was so ard for my camera to capture. The colour is nothing unique but the holo is really pretty and makes the polish look vibrant. 

Little Butterfly 

Little Butterfly is a emerald green linear holo. This one is brilliant. It's intense, vibrant and absolutely gorgeous. This is my favourite from the collection. I love it.
Three coats and top coat. 

Time to Fly

Time to Fly is a fuchsia linear holo. It's a gorgeous colour. It's so juciy and the holo adds a lot of depth. 
Three coats and top coat. 

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  1. They're all really pretty, but my favorite have to be Cocoon! I don't think I have a holo in that color yet. :-)


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