Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Glam Polish Forever After - My Picks From the Collection

Hi darlings!

Today I'll show you my picks from Glam Polish new collection called Forever After. The collection contains twelve different colours. The nce I chose to buy were Enchanted Forest, Fairest of Them All, Her Own Kingdom, Someday My Prince Will Come and Slay the Dragon. However, all of the colours are beautiful and I wish I could've bought them all, I settled for these five.

I'll probably buy the rest. Not only because the colours are bright and beautiful but because of the names. I love fairy tales. They're my favorite type of stories. 

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest is a bright jade holo with prismatic glitter. The colour is gorgeous. If you want a bright jade this is the one!
Two coats and top coat. 

Fairest of Them All

Fairest of Them All is a bright periwinkle holo with prismatic glitter. It's beautiful but incredible hard to photograph. It's slightly brighter and lighter in ral life than in my pictures.
Three coats and top coat. 

Her Own Kingdom

Her Own Kingdom is a bright hot pink scattered holo with prismatic glitter. This colour is so summery and vibrant.
Two coats and top coat.

Someday My Prince Will Come

Someday My Prince Will Come is a bright sky blue scattered holo with prismatic glitter. I just love the colour, it's so vibrant! 
Three coats and top coat.

Slay the Dragon

Slay the Dragon is a bright lime green leaning neon with a scattered holo and prismatic glitter. This is gorgeous. I love how bright it is, the perfect shade of green for summer.
Two coats and top coat.

The formula on all of these was great. It's thick but it to thick and applies like butter.  There was no need for clean up whatsoever. 
Most of the polishes only needed two thin coats for full coverage the exception being Fairest of Them All and Someday My Prince Will Come. They looked slightly streaky at two coats. 
The finish becomes semi matte and a tad textured so top coat is needed to make the finish shiny and smooth. 

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