Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Colors by Llarowe Mojito

Let's start Green Wednesday early, shall we? Because I cannot wait to show you this polish. I've wanted it for a really long time and at restocks I kept choosing other polishes over this. A big mistake. When I finally decided to buy it I had to wait almost three weeks for it to arrive. As soon as I got I had to try it on. This is Colors by Llarowe Mojito

Mojito is a mint leaning jade creme polish with a strong linear holographic effect. It's so gorgeous. It's the perfect kind of mint for my skintone. It doesn't make my hand go all lobster on me. I love the colour and the holo. The colour reminds me of spring and summer and my grandmothers Jade figurines. Oh, did I say I love it? Because I do. It seems like everything Leah Anne touches turns to perfection. I don't think I have one CbL that I don't love. The only thing I wish for now is that my nails could grow out a bit faster, still sad I had to file them down, so I can see this polish on my long nails. And for the sun to come out. I want, no need, to see this polish in sunlight!

The formula is, as always, impeccable. Creamy, smooth, applies like butter. I have nothing to complain about. Two coats gave me full coverage. The polish dries quickly, shiny and top coat doesn't affect the holo effect.
What you see in the pictures are two coats of Colors by Llarowe Mojito and once coat of Poshé. 


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