Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine Polish Week: Roses in September

Angelica and Zara are hosting a Valentine's Day Theme Week. I'm not much for Valentine's Day but I do love the nail art that comes with it. So I thought I'd give it a go with a skittlette.

The polishes I've used are Enchanted Polish September, Butter LONDON Cotton Buds and Cirque Galinda. I also used some rose water decals. I've worn them many times and I think I'll have to buy a new sheet of them. The roses are so pretty and easy to apply.

Enchanted Polish September is really super gorgeous. I've had it in my stash for about two weeks but this is the first time I wear it. It's a strawberries-and-milk pink holo that is so feminine, soft and pretty. And it's a one coater! I love it and think it was the perfect choice for this manicure.

Pointer: One coat of Enchanted Polish September 2013.
Middle: One coat of Enchanted Polish September 2013.
Ring: Two coats of Butter LONDON Cotton Buds
Pinky: One coat of Enchanted Polish September 2013 and one coat of Cirque Galinda.



  1. Söta dekaler, gjorde sig bra ihop med det gammelrosa holot.

  2. Romantiskt och fint! :P Kul att du är med :D

  3. En väldigt söt rosa holo! Den rosa nyansen passar perfekt till rostemat. :-)

  4. Så mjuk och fin, älskar kombinationen! Tror jag gillar manikyrerna bäst med alla hjärtans ;)


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