Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Colors by Llarowe K-9

Hi sweeties!

Today I'll show you Color by Llarowe  K-9. 

K-9 is a blood red jelly. It's gorgeous. I love the colour. It's classy, elegant and sexy. It's amazingly shiny and that's probably what I like most about it.
I usually wear a lot of sparkly polish or glitters or holos, so it's nice to mix things up with something simple like this one.

I'm wearing this right now, but the pictures are taken a few months ago when I wore this the first time.

The formula is great. It's totally self levelling. The first coat became streaky but the second coat evened it out. I needed three coats to achive the coverage in the pictures. It dries a tad slowly even with top coat but it is a jelly and they dry slower than other polishes.

What you see  in the pictures are three thin coats of Colors by Llarowe K-9 and on coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.

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