Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Flower Dotticure

Hi darlings!

Yesterday I did a flower dotticure. I've seen lots of pretty flower dotticures the last few weeks and I've been wanting to do one myself.
I decided to use blue, white and red because those three colours go so well together. I love how this mani turned out. It's elegant since the colours are a little bit muted but it's still fun. I really like it.
I'm very into matte manicures right now. This started out with a supershiny finish but ended up matte. I like both version.

The polishes I've used are OPI OPI... Eurso Euro, OPI Coca Cola Red and OPI Apline Snow. I made the dots and the flowers with a dotting tool. The matte top coat I've used is Pretty Serious Matte All The Things!


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