Saturday, 27 June 2015

Matte Dotticure

A few weeks ago I did a really colourful dotticure. I usually do dotticures that have a white or more neutral base, or colours that don't clash together like a dark blue base with lighter blue dots. This time I wanted to do something really colourful, with dots in different sizes and on a base that doesn't really match but still looks great under the dots. I'm happy with the result. I'd definitely do this type of dotticure again.

The polishes I've used are Barry M Grapefruit, Picture Polish Chillax and Picture Polish Swagger. I used Grapefruit as my base and I used Chillax and Swagger for the dots. I did the dots with the help of a dotting tool. 
It was pretty shiny but I used Pretty Serious Matte All the Things! to matte it. I really like matte nail art. Somehow it brings the patterns out more. 

The pictures are taken in indirect sunlight.

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