Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Colors by Llarowe Beat It!

Hello! Long time no write. Again! I find it extremely frustrating to not be able to blog everyday. On the other hand I let my creativity go into other things than painting my nails which is nice. Don't get my wrong, I love to paint my nails, it's just that I like to put my creativity into other things than nails like writing, painting actual paintings, creating things with my hands...
Anyways, my creative output is not what I was planning on writing about today. My actual plan was and still is to write about Colors by Llarowe Beat It.

Beat It is a gray holo with olive undertones giving it a green-ish glow. Yes, it's another holo! I just can't get enough of holographics right now. I really like this. Yes, it's gray but no, it's not boring. At all! It's actually very, very beautiful. The holo effect is strong and creates full rainbows on the nails and I love the olive green-ish gray hue.

The formula was impeccable. I loved the formula on most of the CbL's I've tried. Leah Ann makes such perfect polishes. Creamy, smooth and very, very easy to apply. This was a one coater, but I used two coats for the pictures above to create even more depth. It dried quickly and TC won't affect the holo.
What you see in the pictures are two coats of Colors by Llarowe Beat It and one coat of Seche Vite.


  1. Fantastiskt. Äger fortfarande inget Llarowe-lack men måste snart försöka skaffa mig något.

    1. Det tycker jag du ska göra. Ett av mina favoritmärken just nu. LeahAnn kan verkligen göra holos.

  2. Damn...I need this :D
    So beautiful <3 <3 <3


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