Tuesday, 7 January 2014

CrowsToes Hellhound

 Goodmorning! Today I'm in the mood for CrowsToes, so CrowsToes is what I'm going to show you! This is CrowsToes Hellhound from the fall collection Better Late Than Never. 

Hellhound is a n almost multichromatic shimmer that shifts from burgundy, red, copper, brown to gold. It's my favourite from the collection. I find it stunning. The colours are lovely and it's just perfect for fall. Or anytime when you feel like wearing a vampy shade. Because yes, I do find this vampy.
I really like CrowsToes, I wish I had more polishes from this lovely indie brand to show. As of right now there are only three or four in my stash. I'll definitely have to get a few more since mst of the polishes are beautiful!

The formula is good. Smooth and easy to appply. Two coats gave full coverage, but I applied a third to get more depth. The polish dries quickly and the finish becomes shiny. Not shiny enough for me though since I love a glass like finish.
What you see in the pictures are three thin coats of CrowsToes Hellhound and two coats of Seche Vite.


  1. Så himla snyggt! Upp på önskelistan!

  2. Jag tycker finishen ser för grov ut för min smak men färgen är härlig!

    1. Ja, den ser lite grov ut faktiskt. Den är dock helt slät, men jag förstår vad du menar. Färgen är dock underbar. :)


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