Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nail Lacquer Love Under Your Enchant-Mint

So, I did a Valentine's Duo. Yep, I mixed together a Valentines duo. All exclusive to me since it's so difficult to actually establish an indie brand due to Swedish laws. So I'm just making polishes for myself. I kow I haven't showed you many of the ones I've made. Only one I think, Patronus. Sminkan on the other hand won  five polishes and has shown some of them on her blog. The swatches are gorgeous. Almost prettier than the polishes are in real life.

Since it's Green Wednesday today I thought I'd show you the first half of the duo, Under You Enchant-Mint.

Under Your Enchant-Mint is a mint green creme holo with blue, or turquoise, tones. I wanted it to be a bit blue-ish to prevent it the polish from giving me red hands. I think I managed quite well with that task. The name on the other hand is not very original, but it works. I might change it, I might not. I love the polish though. Just love it. I'm so proud of the creation. I'm also very proud of stepping out of my Harry Potter/Dexter comfort zone and making something that's inspired from somthing else and completely different. 
The inspiration of the polish actually comes from my boyfriend. Cute? Maybe. Cheesy? Oh, yes. I've never celebrated Valentine's. Me and my boyfriend just don't fancy Valentine's. We rather sit at home, watch Lord of the rings and just be us rather tha going out doing something romantic. We're just not very couple-y. But, I do love Valentine's for the cute colors and nail polishes, so I wanted to do my own Valentine's Day polishes with my boyfriend in mind, so colours he likes on me (though I almost never wear them. I'm all black, all Dr. Martens and a lot of eye make up.) in nail polish form with a extra sparkle since I'm a holo whore.

Since the text is already so long and most of you just scroll past it anyways I won't mention the formula. Both because that is not very interesting for you with this polish since I'm the only one who owns it and because the formula is exactly how I like it to be.


  1. Men hallå, jag dör! Så himla härlig färg <3

  2. Riktigt, riktigt snyggt!! Gillar den mjuka känslan :)

  3. Mycket tjusigt! Jag älskar dina lack!


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