Thursday, 2 January 2014

Darling Diva A Christmas Story

I've been absent during most of the Holidays. So I'd like to start this post wishing all of my readers a Happy New Year and a lovely 2014.
My time off from the blog has been good. I've spent time with my family, friends and boyfriend.

The Holidays are over, but I still have Holiday polishes to show you. This particular polish has been in my stash for about a year, but I didn't wear it until a couple of weeks ago. Today I'm showing you Darling Diva A Christmas Story.

A Christmas Story is a clear base glitter polish with red, green and prismatic micro glitter. It's gorgeous. Probably my favourite Darling Diva and one of my favourite polishes ever. I love the sparkle from the prismatic glitter and how you can't really tell if the polish is red or green beacuse of how fine the micro glitter is. A lovely, lovely holiday hue, though I'd wear this anyday all year round. I just love it.

The formula is impeccable. The glitter spreads evenly and smoothly on the nail. I layered on coat over a green creme. I've also seen this layered over red cremes, black, white and gold. It looks amazing over all of them! It fries quickly but a bit matte, so top coat is a must.
What you see in the pictures are two coats of China Glaze Holly-Day, one coat of Darling Diva A Christmas Story and two coats of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat.


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