Friday, 31 January 2014

LilypadLacquer Rolling in Rubies

I'm going to show you another holo, since it's Holo Friday! This is Lilypad Lacquer Rolling in Rubies.

Rolling in Rubies is a magenta holo. It's stunning. The colour is a deep, berry sort of magenta. Magenta is one of the few shades of pink I acctually can handle on my nails. Pink is so far from my comfort zone in the polish world. I love it on others just not on me. But this is right up my street. I love how subtle yet very much visible the holographic effect is. It really adds depth to the polish. 

The formula is amazing. It's so easy to apply and it goes on smoothly on the nail. It's very jelly-like without being a jelly. Three thin coats gave full coverage and it dried quickly. The fnish becomes super shiny even without TC.
What you see in the pictures are three thin coats of LilypadLacquer Rolling in Rubies and one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.


  1. Härlig bärig ton i den.

  2. Fin, och 5-free...måste jag genast skriva upp på min lista.

  3. I need a lot of Lilypad Lacquers :D

  4. Också mkt vackert, mn det förra var ännu finare :)


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