Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Glam Polish Trinity

My new daylight bulbs are magic so far. I'm so glad I don't have to go chasing daylight when it practically doesn't exist until March. So you'll actually get decent pictures until then, when I can go back anf take photos in natural light.

I think I've said it a few times before but I love Dexter. I love it! The books are good but the series are mindblowing. At least the first four seasons. I thought it was a great series all through the eight seasons, except the finale. I'm still mad about and won't forgive the producers for lumberjack Dex. Lumberjack Dex sucked. Everything else in the finale was alright. But a decent finale won't make me love Dexter any less, not when the other 95 episodes of it were great.
So now that I once again proclaimed my love for Dexter you can imagine my excitement when Glam Polish released the news that they were going to do a Dexter inspired collection. I was like a giddy school girl! Of course I had to buy the whole Darkly Dreaming Collection. My favourite brand and favourite tv show combined. I still don't think it's real. And I promise you, the collection is killer (pun intended).

The first polish I tried from this collection was Trinity. Trinity is a true red holo with prismatic glitter. It's so sparkly and the colour is beautiful. Its a perfect, saturated red. It's perfect for this season of the year. And it's based on my favourite Dexter antagonist. Season four of Dexter with the trinity killer is my hands down favourite. If I could just watch one season of Dexter again, season four would be the one.

The pictures are taken in artificial lighting.

The formula was great. Not too thin, not too thick. Application was a breeze. Two coats give full coverage. It dries a tiny bit textured because of the glitter but one coat of TC does the trick for a smooth, shiny finish.

What you see in the pictures are two cats of Glam Polish Trinity and one coat of Pretty Serious Crystal Coat.


  1. Fint! Vi började kolla Dexter för ett par månader sen, men har inte lyckats ta oss igenom första säsongen än, vi har inte riktigt fastnat. :-)

  2. Mine arrived on Saturday, now I look forward to trying it - great swatches :)

  3. Var får man tag på sådana glödlampor?? Mörka Sverige är ju inte direkt ett vänligt land för nagellacksbloggare.


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